How often do I turn on my tap in the run of a day, to pour a glass of water or fill a pot for cooking? How often have I popped ice cubes into my glass, filled up water-spray toys for my kids, or taken a shower without a thought or concern?

How blessed are we to have ready access to not just water, but safe, clean water.

Not so for those living in the developing world.

“One out of every eight people on the planet is forced to drink potentially deadly water every day.” –Samaritan’s Purse

That adds up to 800 million people!

If that doesn’t give you pause, this will.  Some one dies, usually a child, every 20 seconds from a water related illness.

I have seen and heard first hand the heart breaking stories of loss due to drinking contaminated water, when I traveled with a Samaritan’s Purse Water Team in Nov 2012 to El Salvador.

In El Salvador, as in many other developing countries, millions of people have no choice but to drink, cook and wash with contaminated water. Even water from a well can still be full of contaminates, leading to eventual renal failure.  I saw the contaminated water sources. I heard how families could not afford to buy clean bottled water, thus forced to drink the only source of water available to them.  I prayed over a beautiful fourteen-year-old girl who had just spent a week in the hospital because of headaches and nausea. All because of the lack of something I take for granted … clean water.

I will never turn on my tap or put a glass of water to my lips again without seeing the faces of those who are suffering and dying because clean water is not available to them.

I will never forget seeing the relief, joy and thankfulness on the recipients faces when our team and our trucks showed up at their doors, ready to install their family’s free Canadian designed bio-sand water filter.

With no sustainable parts, the bio-sands water filter can provide a family access to clean water for generations. Partnered with practical training on sanitation, hygiene and monthly monitoring visits, as well as the kind donations of people like you and I, Samaritan’s Purse is tackling the global water crisis in 30 countries. It is literally saving lives!

What a powerful way to impact your world for mere $100 Canadian dollars without leaving your home!

Won’t you pray about joining me in partnering with Samaritan’s Purse to help bring clean water?

A life depends on it!