I have had the privilege of hearing Stephanie speak at women’s meetings, retreats for teen girls, and Sunday services, as well as getting to know her on a personal level. I admire the intensity of her desire to seek the Lord’s Word for her speaking and writing, both through her in-depth study of the Bible and through intimate fellowship with him in prayer. The Word she receives from him she proclaims boldly, with everyday examples and in everyday language – and powerful examples from her own life – and her messages touch her hearers deeply.  I believe she is one of the best preachers around! I am grateful for her example and her teaching.
Barbara Kohl,  BarbaraKohl.com

The teaching and preaching ministry of Steph Robbins is comparable to the well-known and gifted speaker/author Beth Moore. She is no carbon copy act, however. The character of her teaching is born out of intense study and research, life wisdom, personal experience and a heart captivated by God.  Stephanie’s ministry has been used by God in a variety of settings, including women’s retreats and gatherings and to entire congregations. Her strong, Bible-based teaching is refreshingly thought provoking and practical; a blessing and challenge to her listeners.
Rosalie Brown,  New York, NY  Church Planter

We were delighted to welcome Stephanie Robbins to our platform on Sunday May 13 2012 for a special mother’s day service.  She is a very confident, gifted and powerful speaker.  She greatly challenged the heart of every parent to be on guard and be a watchman over our homes.  Her ministry of passion and current information will be a blessing to any church.  I highly recommend Steph Robbins and her ministry.
Pastor Gary Barrett, lead pastor, Full Gospel Church, Bedford, NS Canada

Tailored to women’s issues and struggles and God ordained…willingness to share her personnel story encouraged all of us to press on with God’s help. Personnel story of triumph over adversity was inspirational …my faith was renewed and strengthened and want to be more committed to God and his ministry …We do all have a story to tell …scripture references were all so relevant and affirmed Stephanie’s messages….
Comments from Malagash Women’s Retreat 2012

Steph is very strong in the word and a very gifted speaker.   She is sensitive, informative, and has a wonderfully gentle way of getting her message across – to the point but not pointed at you!  Her “Monday Musings” – a weekly devotional blesses and encourages me!  Steph is devoted to our God and is walking in obedience in her life with regards to this ministry that He has called her to.  What a blessing to have her gift of teaching so close to us!

I just want to thank you for your obedience to God in starting Monday Morning Musings. I am always encouraged by your writings and the way you use every day experiences and then relate them to God’s word. I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability as well as your sense of humor. Keep it up and I am really look forward to Many More Monday Morning Musings – they’re Magnificent!
Shannon Walsh,  Recording Artist

Each Monday morning I eagerly wait for your e-mail with the devotional for that week. So many times your message is exactly what I need to hear to encourage and inspire me to be all that God wants me to be. Your messages are clear and relevant to where many of us are in our daily walk with God. I love your humbleness in sharing that there are times you feel you have not “hit the mark”, but God in his love and forgiveness always picks you up and sets you on the right path again. How encouraging to us as women – wives, mothers, sisters, etc., that when we fall, God does restore!

Steph has a passion and talent for sharing God’s Word that brings a fresh perspective.  You can experience it in her writing and speaking.  We had Steph come to our church for a Sunday morning service and she reached people with her story in a way that really resonated with them and made them look at God’s love from a new angle.  I would recommend you book her to speak at your church!
David Tonen, Chair of the Board, LifeBridge Community Church

Steph first came the the LIFT Retreat in 2008 as our keynote speaker. She told the team at the time she felt led to speak about scriptures from the Book of Revelation. (Yikes! Revelation!?) The team wisely agreed to proceed. On the actual weekend after just two sessions, retreat attendees were so hungry to hear and learn more that they cancelled their free time, and God, through Steph, willingly provided an extra session. No matter what stage the women were at in their spiritual walks, all left with new understanding and empowered lives.

We refer to Steph as our “Canadian Joyce Meyer”. She is dynamic, insightful and fearless in her speaking. She is Spirit-led. She is honest and frank about her own life challenges and how the Lord has guided her through them. Her heart’s desire is to see God’s children better understand who they are in Christ through hearing the scriptures.

We would highly recommend  you book Steph for your next conference or retreat.

The Lift Committee