Although fictional, this scene from my favorite book series (The Lord of the Rings) turned movie trilogy always reminds me that God is my Jehovah Sabaoth.  

What does Jehovah Sabaoth mean?

Jehovah Sabaoth means “The Lord of Hosts.” (Hosts: an army made up of earthly and heavenly beings, ready and poised for battle.) In other words, He is Lord over a great power.

“Who is He, this King of Glory? The Lord of Hosts, He is the King of Glory” (Psalm 24:10).

“The Lord of Hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our stronghold” (Psalm 46:7).

“And one called to another: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts;

His glory filled the whole earth” (Isaiah 6:3).

“The LORD is a warrior; Yahweh is His name” (Exodus 15:3).

Although the Old Testament saints knew Him as Jehovah Sabaoth long before, God chose to reveal this name to a desperate woman living in desperate times (I Samuel 1-2:11). This was a time in Jewish history when idolatry and pagan worship were at an all-time high. Followers of the One true God were few, despite this nation having been chosen by God (Judges 21:25).

In the midst of this darkness, Hannah lived. She and her family were part of the remnant still faithful to God. However, in spite of her faithfulness, Hannah found herself facing despair. In a culture where a woman’s entire identity was tied to her ability to provide an heir, Hannah found herself barren. Though taunted, persecuted, and overwhelmed with hopelessness, Hannah chose to run; not toward bitterness, but to her Jehovah Sabaoth. She ran into the arms of The Lord of Hosts (Phil 4:6-7, James 5:13)!

Did Jehovah Sabaoth alter Hannah’s circumstances?

Not immediately. Yet, Hannah came away from her Strong Tower full of renewed strength and hope, despite her circumstances.

When God doesn’t answer me when and how I want, how often do I choose to run toward bitterness and anger, instead of humbly, as a servant, approaching my Jehovah Saboath?

David, like Hannah, certainly knew to run to Jehovah Sabaoth when facing imposing giants. He knew God was the supreme military commander of a vast army; poised and ready to go at all times. One who at a mere word could summon His army to form a protective rank around His people. Therefore, David responded to the giant’s taunts by saying “You come to me with a sword and with a spear and with a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied” (1 Sam. 17:45). Although Goliath may have been the superior soldier with better armor and bigger weapons, David understood he was not fighting alone. He knew he didn’t need Saul’s sword or armor. He had all he needed. Jehovah Sabaoth was on his side, and The Lord of Hosts guided David’s pebble to Goliath’s forehead, slaying the giant.

The lesson we can learn from David and Hannah is that the task before us is never greater than the power behind us!

Jehovah Sabaoth never stops fighting for His covenant people; He will continue to do so until the day He rescues them, once and for all (Rev 17:12-14)! The Lord of Hosts always fulfills His own purposes, even when His people fail.

Jesus Christ revealed Jehovah Sabaoth. In Hebrew, Jehovah Sabaoth is translated “The Lord the Able (One).” He is also called the Lord Almighty who has power over all things.

Noah and Abraham knew this God as did Job, Joseph, Joshua, Gideon, Elijah and Jeremiah…and all the prophets from Enoch to John the Baptist, right down to us believers today.

Jehovah Sabaoth is the name of God used in Scripture when we reach the end of our rope, so to speak. The Lord of Hosts is the Strong Tower which God has made available for those times when we fail and feel powerless; when our resources are exhausted and we’re faced with overwhelming despair. Jehovah Sabaoth will never abandon us, leave us unprotected, or fighting alone (Matt 28:20).

Are you facing an imposing giant?

Are you losing all hope of victory?

Are you at the end of yourself?

Does the enemy seem to have you outflanked and outnumbered?

Do not be discouraged, Friend! Do not look at the size of your mountain, your giant, or the opposing army surrounding you. Look instead at the size of your God…your Jehovah Sabaoth.

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Did we in our own strength confide,

Our striving would be losing;

Were not the right Man on our side,

The Man of God’s own choosing:

Dost ask who that may be?

Christ Jesus, it is He;

Lord Sabaoth is His name,

From age to age the same,

And He must win the battle.

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