One of the world’s most enduring stories is that of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.  Whether one believes King Arthur was an actual historical figure or just a folklore legend, one has to admit his Round Table is captivating! The legendary king made a revolutionary move by changing from the long traditional table with the king sitting at its head, to the famed Round Table.  He did so not just for a change in décor!

King Arthur desired that he and his knights (the cream of British military & society who followed a strict code of conduct. (click here to read the oath)) would converse, debate, and solve the problems of his day, as well as feast and fellowship as equals. Because the table had no head, no one person was more powerful, influential, or significant than the others.

However, the symbolism of the Round Table and its concept began well before the legendary Arthurian king!

     “And around the throne were four and twenty seats; and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white garments and golden crowns on their heads.” Rev 4:4

These saintly representatives of God’s children, the four and twenty, are sitting “around” the throne. Then the multitudes are gathered around them, also before the throne. (Rev 7:9-11) Much like King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, this also paints a picture of equality and nearness.

The four and twenty elders sit near to God.

The multitudes are near to God.

What a reunion that will be at our King’s table! All of us, God’s noble knights and warriors, through the ages, will finally be together. Our sojourning days over. The final battle won.

In heaven, we will retain our individuality. We will not be transformed into identical Philly cheese-eating beings perched on fluffy clouds. I will know my grandfather when I see him. Mothers will know their unborn children when they see them. We will know Peter. More importantly, we will know our eternal Father and our sweet Saviour!

Martyrs, great evangelists, redeemed murderers, stay-at-home moms, the marginalized, missionaries, forgiven felons, Sunday school teachers, janitors, pardoned prostitutes, Apostles, – ALL seated around and near the throne!  They all sit in the glow of Christ’s glory and have constant access to His courts.

There are no barriers or waiting lists in heaven.

There is no special treatment for those who we thought were “stars” of the Church Age.

All enjoy eternal fellowship.

All are equally beloved, even if not equally rewarded.

All will be worshipping God, the source of their salvation.

All, no matter how many times they failed or messed up, will enjoy the constant presence of their Father, fulfilling David’s very prayer (Psalm 27:4).

Once there in that glorious “around,” there will be no more sickness, no more suffering, no more death and separation, and no more tears. Now, right here on earth, God gives strength for the tears. However, one day, in heaven, He will wipe them ALL away as tenderly as a mother wipes away the tears of her child. I cannot even begin to picture the handkerchief God will use, but it will be divinely absorbent! The hurt and pain of this life… remembered no more!  The disappointments of this life…remembered no more!  Regret over unconfessed sin and a wasted life…remembered no more!

What Must it Be Like?
What must it be like to step on shore, and find it – heaven;
To take hold of a hand, and find it – God’s;
To breathe new air, and find it – celestial;
To feel invigorated, and find it – immortality;
To rise from the care, the loneliness, and the turmoil of earth
Into an unbroken calm; and find it – glory.

                                                                                   ~ anonymous

Sitting at King Arthur’s table is not an option for me, but reservations are still open at the King of all Kings’ table!  My reservation is made.  Is yours?

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