Picture before you a beautiful, lush, green field, with a gentle wind rustling through the knee-high blades of grass as you and Jesus, side by side, are walking.

Jesus is speaking to you, these words:

“I, your LORD (Jehovah/The Great I Am/Almighty God who was and is and always will be) am your shepherd (protector/guardian/provider/redeemer and sustainer).

Others will try to lead you. Things will clamour to control you, but I am to be your good (morally good, fair, honest, worthy) shepherd. I saw you when you were lost and I searched for you until I found you (John 10:11). You are not a wild, stray animal, but MY sheep; bought and paid for with my blood and you bear my mark of ownership.

I have all that you need. Are you looking to others and things to satisfy you? Allow me, your shepherd, be your all.

I will lead you to green pastures, even though they may not be what the world calls green, or what the enemy tells you are rightfully yours. It is only in MY fields you will find true peace and contentment. I will make your barren spots lush like green meadows with my Word and my presence. You will not just know my promises, but will find peace and comfort in them and realize, without a doubt, your shepherd will be faithful to His Word!

I will lead you beside the quiet waters. Oh, there are many other pools to drink from, but only mine flows from the fountain of living water. Only from MY restful, life-giving waters will your thirsty soul find refreshment and a cool breeze to revive your weary heart. I will not drive you to the water, but I will lead you and draw you there with my love. The water I lead you to is not still and dirty, but a flowing, cleansing stream.

I will restore your tired, wounded soul. I will restore you when you wander, when you miss your path and try to walk someone else’s, or when you fall down into a crevice because you chose to follow a voice other than mine. I will restore you when your soul is weak with illness and heavy with sorrow and grief.

I, and I alone, will lead you in paths of righteousness. Only my well-worn and well-defined trails will lead you to protection and provision. However, you cannot find them on your own. I must lead you to them, and I must lead you through them, for my name’s sake. I am the great I AM. I led Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, and I will lead you! Believe in your heart that I reign over all, no matter what your eyes may see! Trust me, do not try to reason or handle things on your own (Proverbs 3:5-6) and I will make a way! Train your ear to hear my voice and then you will hear it above all others (John 10:27). Healthy, contented, productive sheep are my desire and my delight!

I will walk with you through dangers – dark, deep valleys as dreadful as death itself. Take courage! I will be with you. I will be there to guide you through the valley of death and into the Promised Land that I have prepared for you. No one but I can make that brief journey with you; for I have taken and crushed death’s sting and have covered you with my limitless love. Nothing can separate you from that love, not even death!
You have nothing to fear, for as the shepherd protects his sheep with his rod, I will slay the enemy. I will guide you with my crock (staff) through the open gates and will pull you from the thorns you may find yourself entangled in. I will lead, direct, and guide you on paths I ordained for you before you were born (Eph 2:10).

I will prepare a six-course feast in the very presence of your enemies! I am your perfect host. You will have peace while you sit and eat, rather than watch and worry, for I will not only meet your needs, but also offer you my protection. I (YaHWeH) will stand guard over you. I will be your peace even in the midst of trouble (Hebrews 13:5-6).

Precious sheep, allow me to walk beside you and your cup will be full! It will be full not with the abundance of things, but with the abundance of ME! Your cup will overflow with my presence which will splash out onto others! It is in this overflow that you can accomplish great things for the Kingdom. It is this overflow that will draw others to me, through you!

I will honour you and anoint your head with oil, because you are my precious one! My oil (Holy Spirit) will fit you daily for action so that you will run in the ways I direct (Luke 11:13). My daily anointing of oil is the only way you will be able to deal with the aggravations and annoyances of life with calmness and gladness. My oil will heal your wounds, seal you (Eph 1:13-14), and make you a sweet fragrance!

At your disposal will be goodness and mercy. They will follow you – NO, they will pursue you, my sheep, all the days of your life! Yes, that includes the dark days as well as the bright! Goodness will supply your every need and my measureless mercy will take care of your every sin.

Precious sheep, you will dwell in my house (family, flock) forever! I will not just dwell with you, but IN you! Live everyday aware of my presence! It surrounds you! Allow me to lead, guide, protect, comfort, and love you everyday, and you will live a life more satisfying than you can possibly imagine! Be confident of this, I am aware of you and your every movement, every moment of the day, even into eternity.
You will dwell (to remain, to settle, to rest in quiet) in the presence (the care) of your Jehovah FOREVER!”                          Psalm 23:1-6 (my adaptation)

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  1. Heather Murphy says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Thank-you so much for this. It really touched my heart. So much so that I was sobbing and couldn’t read through my tears. I read another devotion today that touched on Psalm 23:1-3. So I do know that God is reaching out to me in these difficult days that I’m finding myself in lately.

    It felt like every paragraph had something for me. Even in the ways you wrote in brackets of all the other names of Jesus!! Just this past summer while I was at Soul Fest in New Hampshire, I was prayed over and one of the things that the prayer warrior said was that I should do a study on all the names of Jesus!!

    I know the Lord sees me now in my pain and how alone I feel at times. He is trying so hard to reach me and some how I am not running to Him even though I know He is there. To really know and grasp and understand All He is … is where I want to be but am not there yet. And I guess we will never be until we meet face to face. Finding that quiet time and being still enough to hear from Him is what I am struggling with. Although today I am taking most of the day off of work to rest and find rest in Him. (Train your ear to hear My voice)

    You have nothing to fear,… I will lead, direct, and guide you on paths I ordained for you before you were born (Eph 2:10). To REALLY grasp on to this promise!!

    I want so much to be overflowing with Him so others may see Him!! And oh how I need His daily anointing!
    Thank-you Lord for working through Stephanie to give me this word today when I most needed it!!
    Thank-you Stephanie to being obedient to the Lord for the ministry He has given to you!! Be blessed in ALL that you do!!

    With Love from Your Sister in Christ

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