I once read this poem in a magazine:

I would climb the highest mountain for your love.

I would swim the deepest ocean.

Oh, my love, I will come by and see you Saturday, if it is not raining.

The poet’s level of commitment to his/her lover is questionable! However, Mary of Bethany’s love and commitment to Jesus was anything but  dubious!

She gave a gift that cost her something demonstrating that sacrifice comes from a deep love. She did not wait until it was convenient nor did she think, “I will give this much because that would look good to others but still not cost me.” No, Mary broke her alabaster jar and poured out ALL its contents. She gave boldly of herself to Jesus, just as Jesus would give Himself boldly for her. Her sacrificial, extravagant gift affected everyone in the room because she gave it all to Jesus.

“And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.” John 12:3 NASB

Then, Mary dried Jesus’ feet with her hair. Mary’s act not only anticipates the death of Jesus but it also anticipates His washing the feet of the disciples (John 11:1-13). She responded to Jesus in a way He had yet to demonstrate to His disciples. She fully understands and demonstrates the love commandment even before Jesus teaches it to her.

Why was Mary able to love her Lord so deeply?

What is the final lesson from the jar?

3) Mary made it a practice to sit at the feet of Jesus.

There was the day Martha, her sister, got angry because Mary was not helping her in the kitchen.

Where was Mary?

Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus (Luke 10:38-42).

Mary also, upon hearing Jesus had arrived after her brother’s death, ran to meet Him and once again fell at His feet (John 11:1-47). Mary made it a practice to be at the feet of her Lord. Therefore, her actions were a result of her right focus.

I, too, must daily seek my Saviour’s feet. God gives me 24 hours in a day. Surely, I can find some time to give back to Him by sitting at His feet and chatting with Him. Yet, the biggest struggle for most of us is making time for God.

I have learned (and am still learning) that it is not an option for me to spend time alone with my God each day (whether it is ten minutes, five minutes or an hour), it is a necessity!

I also know the enemy will do and use whatever he can to keep me from or interrupt that time alone with God. Packed schedules are the big gun he uses on us the most in this crucial area. The enemy wants to keep us busy so that we have no time for God!

“If you are too busy to spend time with your God, then you are too busy!”

Charles Stanley

Would we go through a day without eating?

Not likely! Most of us in NA tend to overeat and know little of being hungry.

We may skip a meal, but all of us know that if we don’t eat to fuel our bodies, we will become too weak to fight off illness and could eventually die.

The same principle applies in the spiritual realm.

Many of us are starving to death spiritually because the only time we eat the bread of life is on Sunday when the pastor reads his text for the day. Then, we wonder why our lives seem to be one struggle after another, and why we always feel defeated and too weak to fight. It is because we are in need of DAILY nourishment from the Word.

“It is in our time alone with Him that God not only
orders our comings and goings, but He also prepares
us for them so that we can discern not only what we are to do,
but what we are NOT to do. When we are with Him in the Word and in
prayer, we gain understanding and wisdom that will sustain
us and guide us in ALL other relationships.”
Kaye Arthur

Is your love for Jesus more like the poet above or like Mary’s?  When did you last make time to sit at the feet of your Lord?

“Move us, O God, like Mary, to sit at your feet and drink in your presence so that we will give our all to You in ways so extravagant and costly that the fragrance of our perfume may fill the world. In the name of Christ, we pray. Amen”

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