“You are not the boss of me!”  I heard my four year old son yell at his older sister.

From the moment he was born, the twenty-one months difference in their ages was more than enough to convince my daughter that SHE was the boss.  That was, until my son discovered that he had the same iron will as her, and he began to exert it!  Now, both in their teens, and both equally able to express their opinions, I still hear many times, “You are not the boss of me!”

Every time I hear that phrase, I am reminded to search my own heart and see if I have said those very same words to my Adonai.

Adonai is one of the names God used to reveal Himself.  It means Master, Owner, and Lord.

Adonai is the name spoken by pious Jews in place of Yahweh.  Adonai is Jehovah.  He is Creator and we are the created.  Therefore, “Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that HE is LORD!”

Adonai is sovereign and has complete authority.  The name commands complete possession by the Master and full surrender by the servant.

In other words, when I call God “Adonai,” I am saying that He is my Master; He is my Lord.  I am saying I have placed myself on the alter, and all that I have, all that I am, and all that I do and say, is under full surrender to Sovereign God. (Roms 12:1-2)

Abram had submitted to Adonai as Master.  At the age of 75, he followed God, leaving all that he knew with only the directions, “Go!”  He submitted to Adonai’s care and protection even when he had no clear understanding of God’s plan.  Yet, when it came to Abram’s deepest desire -a son, he did not allow God to be Adonai. (Gen 15:1-2)

How many of us do the very same thing Abram did?

We call Him Lord with our lips, but deny Him with our lives.

Oh, we will raise our hands in church and sing, “Lord Reign in Me,” then, on Monday, when He wakes us up early and nudges us to spend time with Him, we refuse.

Maybe He tells you that the clothes you are wearing today draw more attention to your body parts than His Spirit within you, but you shake it off thinking, “Well, everyone else dresses like this,” and off you go.

Maybe He has asked you to restore a broken relationship, but you have refused to submit to His will.

Maybe He has asked you to spend more time with your family and less time at work, but since you offer only lip service when you call him Lord, you refuse.

The truth?

We all want Him as our Saviour.  Few of us want Him as our Lord.

Salvation gives Jesus our hearts.  Surrender gives Him our lives.  (Romans 12:1-2; (Romans 14:8)

Forgetting that we were bought with a price, and are therefore no longer our own (I Cor 6:19-20), we often yell at God, “You are not the boss of me!”

Believe me, we are all “bossed” by something, and whatever “bosses” you other than God, is an idol.

For some, it is money, their home, the hottest fashions, or  family.  For others, it may be food, sex, or drugs.  Cell phones, the latest high-tech gadgets, big screen TVs, and cars are what some value.  For others, it can be ministry or approval.

No matter the idol, normally, the more of it we get, the bigger our own sense of value gets!

The above “things” are not wicked, but when we allow them to control us instead of allowing God to control us, we are practicing idolatry. (Col 3:5)

Facts about Idols

1) You do not control your idol.  It controls you!

2)  Idols can hide so that you are not even aware they are there…until you go looking for them.

 “If you want to find out if you have rats in your basement, you do not go thumping down the stairs announcing your arrival.  If you do, they will hide before you get there and then you will think there are no rats in your basement.  However, if you creep down the stairs and suddenly flick on the light, you will see the rats scurrying away! The suddenness of your approach doesn’t create the rats.  They were already there, but now you know where  they are hiding.” paraphrase C.S Lewis, Mere Christianity, Book IV: Chapter 7.

Identifying Idols

What consumes your thoughts?

What consumes your cheque book?

What consumes your time?

What consumes your emotions?*

Recognizing and tearing down idols is not an easy thing, but it is necessary if we are going to live the powerful, abundant life God intends.  Idolatry is a serious thing to God.  (Exodus 20:3-5; Jonah 2:8, I John 5:21, Gal 5:19-21)  He does not take it lightly, so neither should we. Therefore, checking for idols in our lives should be something we do on a regular basis.

Let’s start today by searching our hearts and honestly asking, “Who is the boss of my life, my finances, my words, and my actions?”  “In what areas of my life have I refused to allow Him to be Adonai?” “What idols have I allowed to topple God’s place in my heart and life?”  Do my control issues get in the way of His Lordship?

Today, let’s stop yelling at Adonai, “YOU are not the boss of me!” and start crying, “Lord, show me where YOU are not the boss of me.”

*Strong attachments to things or people, so much so, that if you lost them, you would be absolutely devastated and feel that your life no longer has purpose.  Also, strong emotional outbursts (anger, resentment etc.) towards people or circumstances if they threaten your idol.




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