After receiving an unacceptable glass of water, a restaurant patron questioned the waiter. “Is the water always this cloudy around here?”

“There is nothing wrong with our water, sir,” the waiter replied.  “You just happen to be drinking out of a dirty glass.”

We sometimes blame our impure living on many things, but the end result is the same.  God’s living water will only sparkle in a clean vessel.

“God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.” Matt 5:8 NLT

Take notice that Jesus did not say, “Blessed are those who live pure lives.” If that had been the case, then the crowd sitting at His feet that day would have let out a discouraged groan.  Their concept of “pure living” was what the religious leaders of their day pushed upon them as religion, but was in reality nothing more than rigid rules for conduct and behaviour.  The Pharisee were the father’s of hypocrisy (the opposite of  a pure heart) where their actions often belied their words.

Today, just as the Pharisees, we tend to accentuate outward actions.  We also place great importance on the inellect but the Lord Jesus highlights neither of these.  He draws attention to the heart!

The Bible uses the word heart to describe “who I really am.”  The heart is made up of my emotions, intellect and will.  My heart is the epicentre of me!  It is what controls and manages my life (Proverbs 4:23).  What delights the heart will direct the heart.

If Jesus had only given this one Tude2B, we would have had no hope!  Yes, I can certainly clean up nice on the outside, but cleaning up my heart is something I cannot do!  However, when I look at this Tude2B in the chain with the others before it, what seems impossible is possible!
The “pure in heart” are those who already have the previous  beatittude links in place (Matt 5:3-12)

What is a “Pure” heart?

It is a heart cleansed, spotless, and without dirt.  In Greek, the word “pure” is KATHAROS.  It is where we get our English word “cathartic” which means “to purge.” God gives us a heart transplant the moment we change allegiance from the world’s kingdom to God’s Kingdom. Nevertheless, while we are still in this world ministering for Him, we will get “dirty” on a daily basis.  The pure in heart are constantly taking care of the little impurities and stains that they pick up from living in the world (I John 1:9).  The pure in heart desire “to be holy because He is holy” (Lev 11:44).  Our hearts echo David’s prayer, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.  See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting (Psalm 139:23-24).

This sixth Tude2B links happiness with holiness.

“Holiness” is a word not liked much anymore, even by those who claim to be Christ followers.  We have confused holiness with legalism, thus, it is becoming harder to distinguish those who live in the world’s kingdom from those who belong to God’s.

Holiness is not separating from the world and constantly seeking isolation with God.  It is whole
living in an unwholesome world (complete in Christ, constantly connected to Christ through the Bible and prayer)!  A true disciple of Christ is not isolated or assimilated; they are insulated!

Those whose hearts are pure have a single-minded devotion and commitment to God which brings every aspect of their lives under HIS Lordship (I Cor 10:31).

The problem is our hearts are divided.  One side wants to live for God but the other side wants to live for self.  One side wants to put God first but the other side wants that dream career, popularity, and to compromise God’s standards so we can date “Mr. or Miss Dreamy.”  But, when we devote our hearts to some thing other than God’s glory, we commit spiritual adultery (Deut 6:5, James 4:4-8).

Jesus is reminding us that unless our hearts are undivided and clean, we will not see God.

A Pure Heart will see God How?

First of all, purity is necessary for illumination.

I wear eyeglasses for reading, but from time to time, I still have trouble reading what is on a page because my glasses are covered in smudges.  Once I take care of the dirt on my lenses, I then can see clearly.

One of the reasons we sometimes cannot see or understand things is because our sin has dirtied our glasses.  It has muddled our minds to spiritual truths.  Thus, until we’ve taken care of those smudges,we remain blind.

It is true that no one has ever looked on the face of God.  However, this Tude2B promises that one day the pure in heart will see Him face to face!  In fact, all will stand before God (John 3:3-5, Romans 14:10-12; the pure in heart will be the only ones allowed to enter heaven (Rev 22:1-4).

Yet, there is also a “now” aspect to this Tude2B blessing.

God is always with us!  There are moments, however, when we feel God’s presence stronger than others. Those who have pure hearts will see God amid the humdrum routines of life (I Cor 2-9). They will experience Him in a friend’s warm embrace.  They will experience Him in the gentle breeze. They will face the storms of life knowing that even though I may not be able to see my Captain’s face at this moment, nor feel His presence, I am positive He is leading and guiding me safely to shore.

How is a Pure Heart seen?

A pure heart is evidenced by the way you live.  From a pure heart will come acts of love towards God and man; mercy, a desire for righteousness and justice, decisions will be made which please God, not man (I Peter 4:2).  You will long to have the “external” match the “internal.”

For true disciples of Christ, purity is not an option.  It is not a one-time commitment.  It is the passionate pursuit of our hearts.

How are you reflecting God’s glory?  Does your glass need cleaning today?









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