I refer to her as, “the other woman.”  She goes everywhere my husband goes. When he is at home, I often think it is my job to keep him on the right course.   When he is away, it is her job, except she sounds more polite with her British accent than I sometimes do! 

I am talking, of course, about our GPS (Global Positioning System).

My husband’s work involves travelling on unfamiliar highways.  At times, he knows only the starting point and the location where his journey is to end.  He does not know the best route, the fastest route, or even the safest route to take.  Therefore, he relies on the GPS to lead and guide him down the right road, to the right end.

Life is much like my husband’s travels.  I know my starting point and I know my final destination (heaven) but the highway from here to there is long and unknown to me. 

It seems that my biggest struggle is trying to find God’s right road for me.

God’s will or God’s plan has two parts:  His corporate revealed will – nine tenths of God’s will is revealed in the Bible; and then His unrevealed, individual plan for each of us.  Although His revealed will (the Bible) never contradicts His individual plan for me, it is this daily journey of seeking His right road for me that I struggle with the most.

What University should I attend?

Is this person God’s best for me as a spouse?

Does God want me to start a Bible study or speak to this person about Jesus?

Some days it seems like I know God’s will immediately.  Then there are other times, after much prayer, I still do not have a clear leading from God in my spirit as to what I am to do and His will seems elusive and unattainable. 

Do you know what I mean, friend?

I seek Him for direction (James 1:5-8) and truly desire His way, but sometimes my decisions do not turn out the best; detours and missteps mark my route, guilt grows, and it is easy to wonder if I have missed God’s best for me. 

Because Plan A for my life has now turned into Plan B, or even into Plan C, does that mean I am a failure in God’s eyes?

 Is God’s best for me now merely God’s backup plan?

Some move on triumphantly into Plan C as if it were Plan A.  Yet, there are those who see Plan C as a failure.  They are defeated, pulling their car to the side of life’s highway and refusing to move. 

Fellow seeker of God’s heart, listen to the words of Christ to a motley crew of disciples feeling the sting of missteps and wrong turns, who repeatedly failed to follow the directions of their all-powerful GPS – Jesus.

“Get up!  Let’s go!”  Matt 26:46 (HCSB)

Oh, let the words flood over you, washing away all guilt!

Let the words prompt those who are parked with despair, to move back out onto the highway of life to accomplish great things for God!

Maybe, just maybe, seeking God’s best for us is more like following a GPS.

We know our starting point.  We know our final destination.  Once God enters those into our spiritual GPS (God’s Positioning System), a plan for our arrival is set out before us.

Just as our GPS doesn’t show us the entire journey, only the next few miles ahead, God’s will is revealed to us one step at a time.  Usually, it consists of little decisions of obedience.  When we are found faithful in those, the bigger more challenging directions are given (Luke 16:10).  Sometimes we are looking for God’s  unrevealed will in our personal lives, but have not heeded Him in the what He has already revealed through scripture. 

Now, I also have to choose to use my GPS (God’s Positioning System).  If I never turn on my GPS by being in the Word and in prayer daily, then I will never find God’s will for me.

I also have to be totally committed to following the instructions my GPS gives, even the ones I may not like or find difficult to understand.  (John 7:17-18 & Isaiah 45:9)

What about the times when I am listening to my GPS but I hesitate or I become distracted and miss an exit or a turn? 

The GPS (God’s Positioning System) still has the end in sight.  Much like my husband’s GPS, God simply adjusts the route from this point on, incorporating the wrong turn into part of the journey.  In fact, He continues to adjust every time a misstep is made, recalculating the best route a hundred times if he has to, so in the end, despite the detours, I still arrive at the set destination. 

I am learning that God is never deterred by my human failings and weaknesses, because God himself remains the same.  He is never taken by surprise!  He is always at work, redirecting me.  (Psalm 32:8

If I truly want God’s way in my life and am seeking Him for guidance ( not turning off my GPS and going my own way), His sovereign power is more than enough to protect me when I make a wrong turn.  I have to trust that my all-powerful GPS will get me to my destination, despite myself!  

Many are the plans in a human heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” (Proverbs 19:21 NIV).

There are no A, B, or C plans in the life of a child surrendered to the Father’s will.  There is only one plan.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)

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