Have you ever wondered how your prayers get to heaven or what happens behind the scenes when you pray? 

Daniel, as a young Jewish boy, learned to practice prayer and to serve Yahweh with all his heart.  At the young age of 16, Daniel and his friends were forcibly removed from their home and country and placed in exile in a foreign pagan land. Away from his family and all he knew, forced to accept a Babylonian name and pressured to adapt to a pagan culture, religion, and way of life, Daniel choose to stand by his convictions. 

Prayer, as it had when he lived in Israel, remained a top priority to Daniel.

He prayed three times a day every day. 

He prayed in his room. 

He prayed while he served.

He prayed in the lions den. 

He prayed for wisdom. 

He prayed for forgiveness of his sins and the sins of his people.

On one occasion, Daniel, burdened for his Jewish nation, fasted and prayed for 21 days! (Daniel 10:11-14)  However, Daniel became discouraged when he saw no immediate answer for his prayers.

How often am I discouraged when I see no answers for my prayers?

Listen to God’s response to Daniel’s discouraged heart.

SINCE THE FIRST DAY that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, YOUR WORDS WERE HEARD, and I have come in response to them.”  (Dan 10:12)

What a blessed assurance! God heard Daniel’s prayer immediately and sent the answer immediately. 

This truth still applies to us today.

 Every time we pray, God sends an angel with the answer…immediately!

Why, then, is there such a delay in the answers arrival?  

In Daniel 10, God pulls back the curtain and allows us a rare, behind the scenes glimpse into the spiritual realm. It is like when you are at a theatrical play and the curtain is closed.  You do not usually see what takes place behind the curtain.  If you did not know better, you might never realize that while the curtain is closed the props are brought out, the scenery is changed, and the actors take their positions.  However, occasionally somebody slips up, the curtain accidentally is drawn back, and you see what is taking place behind the scenes.  That is (in essence) what God is doing here – He is drawing back the curtain so that we may see what is ordinarily hidden from our eyes.

When Daniel prayed forces (Prince of Persia) rose up to challenge those prayers.  These forces serve the Prince of this world (John 12:31, John 14:30).  They are fallen angels whose goal is to oppose and delay God’s work (Ephesians 6:10-18).

Daniel prayed for 21 days.   God heard the prayer, immediately and dispatched the answering angel the very FIRST day. Yet, because of the enemies attempt to thwart the answer’s arrival, the angel did not arrive until day 21! 

What would have happened if Daniel had given up praying on day six or day 12 or day 18?  Would the angel still have arrived with his answer?  The Bible does not say for sure but it strongly implies that he may not have!

Why did Jesus teach us to pray and not give up? (Luke 18:1-7)

It is not because God is hard of hearing nor is it because pestering God will cause him to give us what we want.  It is because we are in a battle! 

Every time you and I pray, we unleash the power of heaven. That riles the Devil! He will send forces to oppose the arrival of those answers.  However, God’s word promises that the answer will never be late while there is faith rallying the heavenly forces!  (Hebrews 1: 14

Are you praying for an unsaved love one?  Do not give up! Your prayers are powerful weapons.  Every time you pray, more and more power from above is poured down on that person!  More and more angels are sent to do battle for their soul!

Are you tired of praying for a difficult situation?  Do not give up!  With every prayer, more and more power is being poured down from the throne of God. (II Kings 6: 14-18

Prayer is not passive!  It is active!  It is aggressive!  You are moving the very forces of heaven!

Next time you pray, know you are involved in Heavenly warfare, know that God hears you, and answers immediately, know that you should remain in prayer, and keep faith, believing God’s answer will never be too late!

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