As a child, while waiting for our school bus each morning, my cousins and I would occasionally play Queen (or King) of the Hill.  Our bus stop was a rock, flat to the ground on the roadside with a 3-foot drop on the opposite side.  It was a perfect place to play “Queen of the Hill.” 

The rules of the game?  

Simply, if you were queen, you had to try to stand firm as your enemies attacked you by pushing, shoving and charging.

The enemies’ goal?

To topple you and claim your powerful, queenly position.

Although I have long passed my days of waiting for a school bus, I still find myself playing Queen of the Hill.

“…a psalm of David.  I wait quietly before God, for my salvation comes from Him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.”  Psalm 62:1-2 NLT

Are you caught between a rock and a hard place?

When David penned the above verses, he too found himself among the rocks; hiding from an enemy that wanted to topple him from the future throne of Israel.  Wherever he looked, he saw rocks for they were in natural abundance throughout Palestine.  Under large rocks, he had found shelter from the heat of the sun.  In the clefts of others, he had found shelter from sudden storms.

As he looked out once more from the shelter of a rock, driven again to flee for his life, he compared himself to a teetering fence (Psalms 62:3) as his enemies were at that very moment seeking to topple him.

David, troubled in spirit, shaken in his mind, staggering in his faith and tempted by the enemy to blame God, began to reflect over the storms he had weathered in the past; his battles with the Philistines, the betrayal by his son Absalom, rebellion by Sheba, and revolt by Adonijah.  He also remembered the lion, the bear and the giant (Oh my!) he had faced as a shepherd boy.

Each time Saul had cornered him, God had provided safety, just like the rocks he was now hiding in.  When he had fled from Absalom in fear for his life, God spared him by confusing the counsel given to Absalom.  God had enabled him to kill both the bear and the lion, and the giant took only a single stone.

God had been David’s rock in the past and now, despite the fact he felt that he was teetering on the edge, he fully trusted that God (his Rock) would not allow him to be greatly shaken.  God’s track record proved He was more than trustworthy in any situation!

Have you lost sight of God amid the smoke of pain and fear?                       

One day a two-story house caught on fire.  The family was making its way out of the house when the smallest boy became terrified, tore away from his mother, and ran back upstairs.  Suddenly, he appeared at a smoke-filled window crying hysterically.  Standing outside, his father shouted, “Jump, son, jump!  I will catch you!”
The boy cried, “But daddy, I can’t see you.”
“I know,” his father called.  “But I can see you.”

Are the storms of life battering you?  Is the heat of your current trial scorching your very soul?  Take some quiet time with God and reflect back over all the trials He has seen you safely through.  Believe, Precious One, even though you may not see God at the moment, He has never lost sight of you!

 Is the enemy trying to topple you?  Do you feel like a teetering fence that is about to fall? 

Set your face like flint! (Isaiah 50:7)  Plant your feet squarely on the ROCK (Psalm 18) and repeat, “I may be shocked, but not shaken.  I may be afraid, but not sunk.  I may be perplexed, but not in despair (II Cor 4:8).  Charge me; try to topple me all you want, enemy.  But… I WILL NOT BE MOVED from this ROCK!”



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